Software I use

This is a list of (some of) the software I use. Some of these are also in the list of my git repositories.


Linux distribution

Artix is a fork of Arch where systemd is replaced with OpenRC, runit or s6.

Window manager

Terminal emulator

Shell for interactive use

Shell for scripting

I don't have bash or zsh linked to /bin/sh, because dash is narrowly POSIX-compliant and much faster.

Password manager

"The standard unix password manager". It's small, simple, stores all passwords locally and works well with dmenu.

Text editor


Document viewer

A plugin-based document viewer. It can't actually display any documents by default. For PDFs I use the mupdf plugin.

Image viewer

Media player


Mail client

A fork of mutt, a terminal-ui based email client.

Web browser

I use the Tor browser for general web browsing, and LibreWolf for sites that don't allow Tor connections and for logging in to online accounts.

I have also recently started using w3m, a browser in the terminal, for quick web searches. It has the advantage of loading pages extremely quickly and having vim keybindings for mouseless navigation. However, this comes at the cost of not supporting graphical content and JavaScript (though you can view images with a separate program).

Gopher/Gemini browser